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About Kalkan

I am assuming that you have found this site with an interest in purchasing property in Kalkan.

With that in mind I aim to tell you about Kalkan through my experiences of being a villa owner in Kalkan for nearly 20 enjoyable years with anticipation of many more, the loves, “which are many” and the dislikes “which are few” plus some of the advantages and disadvantages of being a property owner in Kalkan. 
So browse the site and I hope it is of interest.


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Interior Design

We have built up a network of tradesmen in Kalkan with knowledge of interior design.

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Design & Build

Design and built has been in demand over the past 15 years however some have not been successful due to the lack of building control.

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We have local knowledge in connection with the procurement of land and potential refurbishment of older properties.

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Kalkan has fallen in love with modern designs, not liked by everyone.

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Construction Management

Management of the development is crucial in Kalkan!!