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The new foreigners department in Kas really is now open, and dealing with such things as residency applications.

The seasonal one way system was about to come in to force, in the old town.

Contrary to some news reports Kalkan remains safe for visitors and offering their special charm and courtesy.

Please visit and enjoy your holidays in Kalkan.

The growing popularity and increasing tourist interest in Kalkan is helping the demand for Kalkan property, a trend that is seen to be continuing to grow. Kalkan is becoming well known on the international tourism market.

Kalkan is also becoming an exclusive haven for the rich and famous. The marina area has exclusive properties overlooking the harbour. Land is now in short supply and property prices are set to soar. Future investors now need to move fast.

Just outside Kalkan there is an area were luxury villas are being constructive, this is Kalamar Bay, it is a beautiful location with a small selection of hotels and beach club. See picture on the right.

Kalamar Bay has an established community on one side and a new area on the other shown in the picture. Quite a few ex pats like this area. It does however lack a couple of shops for general supplies such as bread, water and milk rather than having to keep visiting the village which is quite a walk in the summer heat, although a pleasent walk in the cool evenings. I am sure some one will see the business opportunity soon.

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